LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Diagnostic Cards

Based on LEGO® Serious Play® Methods, our 3D Diagnostic cards exist to help you design, develop, and run powerful meetings,leadership courses, and strategic workshops.

Strategic Play® Global's 3D diagnostic cards are a powerful pocket-sized tool for inspiring creative and strategic thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and collaboration to drive innovation.
They harness the Power of Play philosophy for adults. 

We include these cards in all of our LEGO® Serious Play® methods training programs. And, we have them available for sale so you too can utilize these as a tool to ensure thebest possible experience for your clients. After all, we know from experience that visual processes can make a big difference in the value you offer and they will help drive better outcomes.

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What are the benefits of using LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards?

Designed for facilitators, consultants and executive coaches, LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards stimulate productive meetings and workshops through rapid diagnosis and purpose-built play. This inspires the clarity and creativity needed to address the core issues that really matter and bring additional benefits including:

  • Stimulate powerful questions

    Great thinking comes from great questions. LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards prompt facilitators and participants to ask the right questions by clearly displaying ideas that may have been unthought of previously.

  • Get to the heart of what matters

    Strategic workshops have a tendency to run wild if given the chance. LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards help you identify the key issues which clients are struggling with and effectively design strategic workshops to address them.

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  • Create a safe setting

    Whether it is due to office politics, lack of clarity, embarrassment, or pride, it can be difficult to bring certain topics to light. The inherent humour of the image serves as an external prompt that makes it easier for clients to open the discussion to topics which they may have considered taboo or challenging to address.

  • Foster effective communication

    A universal language makes collaboration easier and less vulnerable to misinterpretation. LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards bring clarity to communication channels by giving participants artifacts with which to tell stories, address difficult issues and articulate complex thoughts.

Who should use LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards?

While anyone can benefit from these practical visual tools, we created LEGO® Serious Play® Diagnostic Cards specifically for: Professional facilitators, Management consultants, Organizational L&D, Education professionals, Innovation consultants, Creative practitioners, & Professional coaches.